Your Website

There are many different types of websites. There are e-commerce, blog only, directories or membership website as just a sample. We have chosen to focus on the design and development of two types of websites.

Our clients are self-employed or professionals who need a website to represent their skills, talents, and expertise. They want to present their experience in a way where they control how it looks and what it says.

We also work with small business owners who offer a service such as a CPA, Staffing, Counseling office or Chiropractor. Our small business clients need a sophisticated online presence to attract local clients but they usually don’t have IT or marketing departments. They’re looking for a business partner who can bring expertise and support without a full-time agreement.

Professionals Website

A Professionals Website must reflect the value you bring. It needs to clearly communicate what you do, how you can help and what makes you different. The words and message represent you. In today’s world, your future client wants to know who they’re doing business. Your professionals’ website is a great tool to start the conversation. Examples of individuals who need a professionals website include:

  • self-employed or solopreneurs such as real estate agents, consultants, coaches – anyone offering their expertise
  • individuals who work full time for a company but they’re 1099 contractors
  • sales professionals who work for a company and understand their leads are going to research them online

We’ll work with you to help you define your value proposition, your message to attract your future clients. It all begins with envisioning you’re the future client. What would your future client want to know about you that would help them make the decision to call you?

Small Business Website

A Small Business Website usually has the following information (web pages):

  • Powerful value proposition statement on the Home page to describe what you offer to alleviate the problem your future client is experiencing
  • Multiple Services pages each describing what you offer
  • About You and Your Team must describe and show pictures of the people your future client will work with
  • Clients and Testimonials show who you’ve done business with
  • Blog is a way of presenting your perspective on topics your future client cares about
  • Contact Information