“I’ll Have What She’s Having” Testimonials




Think of a customer you want to ask for a Testimonial (It’s always a real person). Be Bold. Does this person have an audience – are they able to reach or influence others?

Double-check this is a customer who purchased a product or service you want to promote. Ask yourself, “Did they purchase a recent service or product I want others to purchase?” (Invest your time where you want additional sales)





Ask ONE Clear and Specific Question

To Help Your Customer Produce a Great Testimonial


  • Describe one of the most important benefits you found from “working with me” or “the ABC training” or “attending ABC” or “purchasing the product XYZ”


  • How is your life better today because you “worked with me” or “attended my ABC training” or “purchased the ABC”?


  • What would you say to someone considering doing business with me, and they need a little more information to say yes?


  • What problem specifically were you looking to solve and how did we do that for you?


  • How has our services, or our product, helped you in your business?





CALL this special person. Explain you’re building your business and you are calling to see if they would help. Ask them to write or video (even better) a Testimonial for your website and social media.


They may say, “What should I say?”  You could respond, “Great Question”.

I suggest being brief and honest. I only need 2 – 3 sentences if you write it and no more than 45 seconds if you a video with your smartphone or tablet.

I’d like you to answer, “Then ask them the question you picked from Step 2 above”.

I’d like to use your first and last name, title and the name of your company. I’ll hotlink your website to the name of your company or your name on LinkedIn if you like – let’s help each other.

When they say YES, thank them. Could you have that to me by “give them a specific date about a week from now”?





FOLLOW UP with a Thank You email or handwritten note.

I encourage a handwritten note of appreciation because it’s unique. It shows you are also invested in the relationship. This Testimonial will influence your future customers’ decision.

If this Testimonial is strong and from one of my top 20 customers, I’ll include a special discount or give-away relating to their business.





Edit and Handoff to your Webmaster.

Edit it, but do not reword it. If it’s too long, exclude sentences without changing the truth and tone of the Testimonial. Your goal is to pull out the WOW. If you do make changes, ALWAYS send it back to your customer for their review and approval.

Determine where on your website you want to place the Testimonial. On the Home Page? Or on the page related to the services or product, the Testimonial connects with.