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how to grow sales?
When you type key phrases about your business in the Google search bar, does your business show up on page 1?

Usually, the name of the business and leader will show on Page 1 of a search. However, how many other words or phrases would you appear on Page 1. These are called keywords and they are super important to your business.

It’s not easy or overnight to get closer to Page 1. It takes a commitment to add more of these keywords to your website wording and other strategies.

YES!  Add 10 to your score

No –  Add 0 to your score

Do you offer monthly educational information on your website or by email?

It makes a difference when you are seen to your current and future customers as the expert, the business willing to share valuable information.

YES!  Add 10 to your score

No or not regularly –  Add 0 to your score

Do you have logos, memberships, certifications, testimonials or reviews on your website to prove you're an expert?

A huge percentage of people make a decision to do business when they see others have had a positive experience. It reduces the risk of their decision.

YES!  Add 10 to your score

No  –  Add 0 to your score

What do you give away to a website visitor who gives you their email address?

In today’s world, someone’s email address is very valuable. Because there are so many options for a visitor, they will only give you their email address if in turn, you’re giving them something of value – and that’s usually an educational piece of information that will help them with this decision or it’s related.

YES!  Add 10 to your score

No don’t do this –  Add 0 to your score

at least monthly you do something special so for existing customers so they know you value them?

Too often we get caught up in serving the next customer, we neglect the customers who have already trusted you with their business.

One strategy is to provide them, and only your past customers with a piece of information or access no one else is going to receive. This is shared via email.

YES!  Add 10 to your score

Nothing special –  Add 0 to your score

do you hear "I looked at your website & I'm calling because it answered most of my questions"?

This is how you know you’re doing something right.

More than 2!  Add 10 to your score

Zero –  Add 0 to your score

Is it "one-click-easy" to schedule an appointment or buy from your website?

Today you need to make it super, super easy for the visitor to make an immediate commitment. Use tools like Acuity Scheduler which allows someone who is interested to make an appointment with you without having to call you.

YES!  Add 10 to your score

No or Doesn’t apply to us  –  Add 0 to your score

Have you introduced a new product or service in the past 6 months?

It’s critical you continually improve and evolve what you offer. It will keep your past customers engaged and new customers coming.

What needs to be added to your website to promote your latest offer?

YES!  Add 10 to your score

No it’s been a while  –  Add 0 to your score

Are you confident your website is better than your competitors?

I assure you at least one of your competitors is working hard on leveraging their website and email to their advantage.

YES!  Add 10 to your score

No or never checked this  –  Add 0 to your score

How many new customer referrals do you receive from other customers?

Customer referrals are the best source for new leads. This referral is basically already sold because they trust the person who recommended your business.

The person who gave you the referral needs a thank you, keep track of it and they may be ready to give you a fabulous testimonial.

At least 1!  Add 10 to your score

No more than 1 –  Add 0 to your score

Are you known for provided more than your promised to your customers?

Do you know what WOW value and WOW service look like to your customer? What would it take to give a little more?

YES!  Add 10 to your score

Not sure what this means –  Add 0 to your score


are you using your website to increase sales?

SCORE 0 - 40

We hope this assessment helped confirm what you already knew.

You have an incredible opportunity to use a clear straight-forward message, a website, email, and search engines to increase sales.

SCORE 50 - 80

You’ve put a good foundation in place. Maybe not sure what to do next or simply don’t have the time.

It’s critical you leverage what you’ve already done. Let’s talk about what’s working and what could be next to increase sales.

SCORE Over 90

Good news! You know the positive impact a strong online presence makes to your business.

It may be time to consider using new tools or take the ones you’re using to the next level.

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