What Is Online Marketing Strategy?

An Online Marketing Strategy defines the reasoning and approach we’ll use to influence the number of people (visitors) who see your website or social media.

The Online Marketing Strategy is specific. It’s intentional. Each component of the strategy needs to complement the business or professional goals. It’s the big picture used to build a detailed project plan showing what will be done, how and the timing.

Always begin the work on your online presence with a clear understanding of your business goals. Business goals evolve and change over time and your online approach will also change. In addition, no techniques and tools are coming to market all the time.

What are your business goals? What do you want to influence with a stronger online presence?

  • Proof of your expertise and experience
  • Make it easier to find your contact information
  • Increase the number of people visiting your website and generate leads
  • Expand your social media reach and engage with your current and future clients


Once you’re clear on your focus, it’s time to look at which online techniques, also known as tactics, will best help you meet your business goals.

There is more than one way to influence visitors

Every day our world creates new techniques and tools to reach people online. It’s mindblowing how much change occurs. The good news is it’s not necessary for you to stay up on everything. That’s the role of your online digital marketing team. I also believe it’s best to use proven techniques and tools. I also believe it’s not necessary to use every bell and whistle technique. The goal is to use techniques and tools your future clients use. To use them in a way they are likely to find you and engage with you.

Your business is unique. You deserve a customized Online Marketing Strategy which maps to your business goals. It must stay within your budget and timeline. We must listen to what you want to achieve this. It’s then up to us to use our expertise and experience and design an online marketing strategy for you.

I often use metaphors to help me explain concepts. I’d like to use one to further explain an Online Marketing Strategy.

Paint the Picture of an Online Marketing Strategy

Picture this scenario. You’re hosting family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s your responsibility to layout the menu, shop for the groceries and prepare the meal. The first step is to think through and develop the Thanksgiving Day menu.

Next, before running off to the grocery store, you pull out cookbooks and check your recipes for the necessary ingredients. Using your grocery list, you complete the shopping.

Your menu includes a turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green beans, and apple pie. You’ve lovingly prepared each dish using your family’s recipes.

It’s Thanksgiving Day. You’ve prepared each dish using the recipes, and you place each dish on your beautiful table. You double-check the menu to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. Dinner is ready.

Here’s the metaphor. Your online presence is like “Thanksgiving dinner” it’s the purpose.

The Online Marketing Strategy is equivalent to the menu. It defines what we’ll be doing just like the menu defined what you’ll be serving.

Your website, like the turkey, is the centerpiece. A website serves as the foundational element to an online presence. Now, no website is complete without meaningful content. That includes the words and images. Just like stuffing is to the turkey.

And finally, each vegetable adds a special element to the meal, similar to what LinkedIn, social media and blogging do to compliment your website, and thus your online presence.

The purpose of the metaphor is to show the importance of an Online Marketing Strategy and how it fits into the overall approach.