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Too many small businesses lose sales every day because their website isn’t working for them. We take you through a proven process to simplify your message, craft the words – your message and build a website focused on sales.

How do you know if you need a clearer message & website?

Have you heard:

  • “I looked at your website, but I wasn’t sure …. “
  • “Wow, there’s a lot of stuff on your website”
  • “Oh, that’s what you do. Now I understand”
  • “I didn’t realize that’s what you meant”
  • “I actually didn’t review it all”

only 24 hours in a day

The best use of your time doesn’t involve learning digital marketing

The daily demands of running a business never cease. Our goal is for you to focus on what only you can do, and let us help you do what we do.

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When your website isn’t bringing in leads or sales, something has to change. If your visitor finds it difficult to locate what they’re looking for, they give up and in essence, they’re saying “no, not you”.

63% of small businesses fail in the first five years. This is heartbreaking when we know a simpler well-presented website message can help.



How Can We Help?

The Words

  • One-Liner which best describes your business
  • Define the questions your future customers are looking for answers to
  • Then, the right words on each web page
  • Keywords & other techniques to help the search engines find your website

Transform your message into simple and clear wording focused on your customer’s needs.

Your Website

    • Build a new website
    • If you have a web-person, we’ll translate the website improvements
    • Maybe, all you need is a new web page
    • Update the new wording

    Layout & develop an easy to read website taking advantage of the latest changes in Google search and technology.


  • Brainstorm the wording & website changes for a:

    • New service
    • Change to what you offer
    • New event
    • Blog or podcast post
    • Image upgrade to attract talent

    Let’s brainstorm new ideas & ways to increase your online leads & sales.

Steps to Get Started

1.  Let’s Talk About Your Needs – Free Consultation. I’ll ask questions, and then listen to what you know you want.

2.  With your approval, together we’ll detail what your business does and craft a new website message.

3.  We’ll take the words and lay them into a new visitor-friendly easy to read the website.

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